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Sulvme is an educative community designed for both computational interactions and daily updates & discussions in every area of life.
It includes a community where questions related to calculations in mathematics, physics, chemistry and other related subjects are posted and the sulvers in the community attempt to proffer solutions to such questions from individual perspectives.


"sulver": The title sulver is assigned to every registered user in the community.
Elementary community: This forum is limited to basic level calculations only.
High School Community: This forum is limited to post basic or secondary calculations only.
College community: This forum is open to calculations which do not fall under elementary and high school community.

Sulver of the week

"Sulver of the week": This displays the most competent sulver in a week.
It is determined by subtracting the total number of dislikes from the total number of likes a sulver has from all his posted solutions in a week.
Therefore, the sulver with the highest number after the calculation becomes the sulver of the week in that forum.
NB: A sulver becomes eligible to contest by having a minimum of 5 solutions.
Likes: This is awarded at will by fellow sulvers depending on how appealing your solution is to the sulver.
Dislikes: this is awarded at will by fellow sulvers depending on how unappealing your solution is to the sulver.

Brain Teaser: This is a daily brain storming question for sulvers. The number of likes and dislikes here constitute in the sulver of the week resolution.
Classroom: This consists of video lessons for the benefit of all.
Challenge: Enter competition with sulvers all over the world


Please do not abuse this forum by indulging in the following acts;

Any sulver who indulges in any of the afore mentioned acts will be banned from the community for two weeks

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